USB hub for your Tesla Model 3

Having two USB ports in the front of the car is great, but with the amount of items you might want to plug in (phone chargers, game controllers, SSD etc..) a USB hub for your Tesla Model 3 is an easy way of getting more connectivity.

Off the shelf USB hubs work well, I’ve been using a 4 port Anker since I got the car without issue, but there are also custom fit options specifically for your Model 3.

Off the shelf

Anker 4 port USB hub (shorter version currently not available)

iSoul 4 port USB hub (good reviews on Amazon)

Custom Tesla Model 3 USB hub options

Jeda USB hub – The original design, also features USB overload protection and more than one data capable port. The pricier of the two options. If deciding to go down this route, you’ll need to factor in the shipping from the USA (over $25 when I was checking) and import taxes/duties.

TapTes USB hub – Cheaper than the Jeda, design looks very similar, likely to feature much simpler internals, only one data capable external USB (internal one for the sentry / dash cam drive is data as well)

TapTes USB Pro Hub – TapTes have no introduced a newer version of their hub, which seems to offer data across all ports now, meaning this is now a proper hub, rather than a fancy splitter.

The Samsung T5 SSD (and other small portable SSD’s) will fit inside both the Jeda and TapTes hubs, making a really neat solution.

For my mini review and guide on which storage to buy for a TapTes or Jeda hub, visit: TapTes Model 3 Hub – Mini review, what storage fits and more.

For more details on Sentry / Dash Cam compatible drives, check out the guide here: Which SSD / Thumb drive / SD card for Sentry Mode / Dash Cam