Which energy provider to charge a Tesla in the UK

You’ve got the car, now which energy provider do you use to get the best charging rates for your Tesla?

You’re in luck! I’ve made a handy calculator that allows you to select your car (Model 3, Model S and Model X with all current variants (Standard Range / SR+, Long Range and Performance)), your starting % (the charge your car already has), the desired finishing % (80%, 90%, 100%) and whether you have a wall box (7 kWh capable) or the Tesla UMC (2.3 kWh capable).

Once you’ve done this it shows you the total cost to charge the car (it assumes you’d always start the charge at the start of the special rate) and cost per mile. It also shows the kWh per hour charges both on and off peak.

Tesla charging costs per energy provider (Octopus, OVO, EDF etc..)


Please don’t just pick the cheapest overnight rate, make sure you factor in all of your other energy needs as sometimes to make up for the cheap off peak rate the standard rate can be high to compensate.

I’ve now updated the sheet to factor in the UK average kWh consumption costs as well, to make the costs a bit clearer.

Consider if the energy provider provides renewable energy, you’re driving a green car, so it’s worth factoring in.


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Other charging costs

If you’d like to work out charging costs for Superchargers and public chargers, visit this page on this site:

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla in the UK