Tesla Cost to charge calculator

Find out how much it will cost to charge your Tesla with the UK’s most ‘EV friendly suppliers’. By using this simple calculator, you can find out the cheapest UK energy provider to charge your Tesla.

Regardless of which energy supplier you decide to sign up with, the process is now very simple, so don’t be afraid to get a better deal! At the worst, you will just be called by your existing supplier, asking you to reconsider (3 missed calls from Bulb for me).

* EDF GoElectric 98 also has the special rate all weekend, 10 hours is based on weekday usage, Octopus Go Faster is currently an invite only Beta

Assumptions are based on the cost of a full charge (finishing battery % + 6.5% charge loss)
Some providers will require you to have a smart meter to use these tariffs
The total cost to charge assumes you took full advantage of special rate hours Avg UK Cost = 9kWh (avg UK household useage is = 8-10 kWh) * standard rate + standing charge – this will differ for your house size / usage
Range figures (to calculate cost per mile) taken from https://teslike.com/range/ and https://ev-database.uk/
Assumes your wall box gets 7 kWh and the Tesla UMC achieves the maximum 2.3 kWh

This does not constitue as financial advice, you must consider all aspects of your energy use, not just how much it costs to charge your Tesla. Don’t be tempted to sacrifice your day rate for the cheapest possible overnight charging

*Tariff details accurate as of 11/11/2021. Prices based on SG postcode – prices may vary depending on location*