Tesla Cost to charge calculator

Find out how much it will cost to charge your Tesla with the UK’s most ‘EV friendly suppliers’. By using this simple calculator, you can find out the cheapest UK energy provider to charge your Tesla.

Not as many suppliers are taking on new customers at the moment, so finding/getting the best deal is harder than before the Ukraine invasion started, however Octopus are still taking on customers, so worth signing up if this works out best for you.

* Octopus Intelligent gives you 6 hours at a reduced rate, this is controlled by Octopus at the cheapest hours, you just tell them how much charge you want to add, with Intelligent any electricity used in the allotted hours will be at the reduced rate, not just car charging.
** Octopus Electric Tracker follows the market wholesale rate, the rate displayed is todays live unit rate. This can go both up and down, so you will need to monitor this. You can change on/off the tariff the same day over the phone, so the risk is low as long as you monitor the situation.. Tariff is opening up again from July 1st 2023 – worth getting on the waiting list now if you’re interested.
*** OVO Anytime requires you to have a supported car (e.g. Tesla) OR a smart EV charger and allow them control of it through the API, you will only get electricity used to charge your car at the discount rate.. Whilst listed as 10 hours, this could on occasion extend past that depending on how much charge is needed (if using the “granny” charger for example).

Assumptions are based on the cost of a full charge (finishing battery % + 6.5% charge loss)
The monthly calculations are based on 4 weeks/28 days
Providers will require you to have a smart meter to use these tariffs
The total cost to charge assumes you took full advantage of special rate hours Avg UK Cost = 9kWh (avg UK household useage is = 8-10 kWh) * standard rate + standing charge – this will differ for your house size / usage
Range figures (to calculate cost per mile) are approximate and taken from https://teslike.com/range/ and https://ev-database.uk/
Assumes your wall box gets 7 kWh and the Tesla UMC achieves the maximum 2.3 kWh

This does not constitue as financial advice, you must consider all aspects of your energy use, not just how much it costs to charge your Tesla. Don’t be tempted to sacrifice your day rate for the cheapest possible overnight charging

*Octopus price details now live via API – OVO and British Gas Tariff details accurate as of 02/01/2023. Prices based on SG postcode – prices may vary depending on location*