What SSD / thumb drive for Tesla Sentry mode / dash cam?

One of the great features in recent Tesla cars is the built in dash cam and sentry mode feature, to be able to use dash cam and to properly use sentry mode (recordings, rather than just the screen and the lights flashing) you will need some kind of SSD / storage drive to record the data to.

With the volume of writes that are performed, you will need either an SSD or thumb drive / SD card designed for this activity.


SSD’s are a popular choice, they aren’t too expensive and are more than up to the job. You’ll either need to get a portable SSD, or buy an SSD and a suitable USB caddy. Here are some options:

SanDisk SSD
120gb SSD
240gb SSD

To use this, you’ll also need a USB caddy
Black SSD caddy
Clear SSD caddy

Portable SSD

These fit within the Jeda and TapTes USB hubs.

Samsung T5
PNY Elite
Sandisk Extreme portable SSD

Endurance SD and Adapator

Integral 64GB micro SD
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE 128gb micro SD

SanDisk card reader – I’ve also seen these used within the Jeda and TapTes USB hubs.

Other options

The Roadie – A Pi Zero based solution that lets you stream video to an app on your phone

Pi Zero solution to upload either directly to your home network or to an online cloud service such as Google Drive, OneDrive etc.. full guide available here: Using a Pi Zero W to record and upload Sentry / Dash cam footage to Google Drive

Preparing your drive for Dash Cam / Sentry mode

Once you’ve got your drive, you need to follow this guide on how to get it ready to use in your Tesla: Preparing your flash drive, SD card, thumb drive or SSD card to use with Sentry Mode / Dash Cam