Further soundproofing your Tesla Model 3

As mentioned on the Reducing wind noise in your Tesla Model 3 post, having a pretty much silent car does mean you notice other noises a lot more, so adding some additional soundproofing to your Tesla Model 3 can really make a difference.

To help reduce road noise, there are now additional seal kits you can buy to bring that noise level down.

They consist of additional door seals that are stuck in place, removing gaps to prevent air and noise coming in the car. Several YouTube tests have shown a fair big decrease in db’s following the fitting of these kits.

I have one on my car and there is a noticeable difference following installing the soundproofing kit, coupled with the wind noise fixes I’ve made, the car feels no noisier than the BMW 1 Series I had prior to the Tesla Model 3.

As an additional benefit, the seals also help reduce the amount of dirt coming in through the gaps below the doors, keeping you door sills cleaner for longer.

The kits

I’ve linked the two highest ranking kits on Amazon.

BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Kit

GOLOHO Door Seal Kit for Tesla Model 3


Fitting is fairly straight forward, until you get to the B pillar, which I didn’t end up doing on my car. Follow the instructions (watch some YouTube videos too!), ensure the surfaces are clean and use the adhesive promoter.

I bought the GOLOHO kit, but I believe the BASENOR comes with additional seals that the GOLOHO doesn’t, so should offer better value for money.