How to reduce wind noise in your Tesla Model 3

One thing you will likely notice on your Model 3 is that with no engine noise, you do tend to notice everything else more.

found on my car, there was almost a ‘crispy’, swirling, harsh wind noise coming from the front of the car.

After reading lots of pages online, a combination of two solutions has bought the noise levels back in line with every other car I’ve had.

The A Pillar

Wind noise area circled above between the front wing and A pillar on my Model 3

In the above image, the circled area is a big source of noise, some known solutions have been to put a section of sponge behind the gap, but I’ve gone for neoprene tubing.

The gap tends to be somewhere between 4-6mm, which isn’t huge, but does seem to make a lot of noise.

I initially used 4mm tubing, as the larger sizes I’d purchased were too tight, but in the end went for a larger 6mm diameter tube and warmed it up first using a craft heat gun. I helped to push the tubing flush with a rounded/smooth spudger / trim removal tool.

A pillar gap filled with neoprene tubing, trimmed to fit at both ends. Apologies for the unusually filthy car 🙂

The tubing can be bought from either eBay or from a UK firm that has recently been pointed out to me: Seals Direct. The craft heat gun used was one of these: Amazon – Craft Heat Gun but you might get away with just using a hair dryer on hot. Take caution when using near your paint work.

Door trim gap

The second place of wind noise, appears between the chrome door trim and mirror.

Location of the door trim / mirror gap
Close up of the door trim / mirror gap

The gap might not be the same on both sides, on my car it was fairly uniform, heating up a 4mm piece of tubing and inserting has done the job.

Tubing installed on the drivers side door trim / mirror gap

That’s it! Happy, quieter motoring