Tesla Model 3 UK collection checklist and other information

If you are nearly ready to collect your new Tesla Model 3, then congratulations! It’s an amazing car to own and drive 🙂

However, you will need to be prepared for the handover process, as it tends to be a little different from a regular car pickup. There is sometimes some minor damage from the car being transported and some other known issues.

One VERY important thing to know, is that you only have 100 miles in which to report minor damage. Items such as stone chips and scratches need to be reported before 100 miles for Tesla to help you. This does not include big paint defects, anything outside of normal wear and tear will still be covered past 100 miles.

Check your car over throughly, take as much time as you need. If you feel you pressured to move on, park up out in some daylight on the way home and finish off the checks (maybe at your first supercharge :)). Should you find anything, ensure you report it via the Schedule Service section in your app!

One other thing not covered in the check list is the brake fluid levels. Please ask that this is checked (the brake fluid reservoir is under the service panel in the ‘frunk’). There has been a known issue (my car included) where the low brake fluid warning came on until topped up. This has the unfortunate side affect of stopping hill hold and autopilot from working.

For the rest of the checks, I’d advise printing the check list and if possible take a friend of family member to help you run through the list so you don’t miss anything in the excitement!

Here’s the list (in PDF for printing or word if you want to download and make any edits):

Tesla Model 3 UK checklist

Enjoy your amazing new car!