If you join any online Tesla forum or Facebook group, you’ll definitely hear a fair bit about referrals, wether it’s for Tesla themselves, energy suppliers or TeslaFi (online stats collection).

Tesla referrals

When you are about to order a car, using someone else’s (or even your own code if you already have a car) referral link will mean that both you and the individuals code receive something. You, as the buyer will get money off the purchase of a new car (£500 for a Model 3/Y, £1000 off a Model S/X) the referrer will get points to spend against Tesla merchandise and services.

When ordering directly

To qualify to use the code, this must be used at the time of ordering. Tesla do have the capability to retrospectively add them, but it’s fairly rare and certainly not guaranteed that they will do so for you.

To use a referral you simply visit the Tesla site before ordering using a referral link, the links look like this: (this is my code, for avoidance of doubt) – once clicked, it will take you to the Tesla site, the cars will automatically be discounted and you just place your order. The persons code you have used will see within their ‘Referral awards’ section (within the Tesla app) and will show your order (normally just showing a first name) and order date.

Once your car has been delivered, the persons code you used will get their points.

When leasing

If you are looking to lease your car, you have two options. You can either follow the ordering directly option above, paying a £100 deposit, then hand the RN number over to the preferred lease provider, or get the lease company to order on your behalf.

Most lease companies offer to apply the referral on your behalf, ensure you send them the code as above, at a minimum the last bit should suffice, i.e. dave11603. The lease company then send this over with the car they are ordering to Tesla Enterprise who will apply it to your order.

The persons code you have used will either see your first name or the lease companies name next to the order within the Referral awards section of the Tesla App.

A word of caution

It’s very easy to be annoying trying to get others to use your code, most forums and Facebook groups have banned them being posted, to avoid a complete spam fest. They ask instead that if your friend or someone you know has a Tesla maybe ask for theirs, or message someone who’s been helpful to you and ask for theirs directly.

I’d certainly avoid publicly asking for one on Facebook, your inbox will be obliterated! 🙂

Energy supplier referrals

A common theme with a lot of energy companies, is they will credit your account with £50 is someone is to use your code and join them. The person joining also gets £50 too.

Lots of energy companies are now starting to offer EV friendly tariffs, Octopus Energy seem to very much have the lead at the moment on this. Please however check that the rest of the plan will work for your household (day rates, gas etc..) before committing.

I’ve now moved to Octopus Energy, to share £100 between us, sign up with this link:

I’d suggest viewing the cost to charge calculator I’ve built first and company prices for the providers you are considering.

How much does it cost to charge my Tesla


TeslaFi is a superbly in depth stats site for your Tesla, setup correctly it will use minimal energy and report on a multitude of stats on your cars efficiency, where you’ve been, battery health, phantom drain and much more.

I personally haven’t felt the need to use it so far, but if you are looking into it, ask on your preferred Tesla forum or Facebook group for a referral and get an extended trail period.