Insuring your Tesla

Insurance is starting to get a bit easier now, when I got my Model 3 in August 2019 I had three options, all of which were expensive. Until two days before collection when LV’s quote engine was updated to include the Model 3 and was sensibly priced (cheaper than my old car in fact!).

Tesla / EV specialists

Lots of companies will now insure you, but these companies certainly appear more EV friendly.

Direct Line – Tesla’s preferred insurer in the UK, I personally found them expensive, however a lot of that could be down to post code, age etc..

LV – This is who I went with for my first years insurance, very competitive, they try and get you in an EV in the event of a claim and will also take you to a charger should you run out of electrons!

Novo – Novo have been insuring Tesla’s for a good while, they know all about them and are even heavily involved with he Tesla Owners Group UK. In the event of a claim, they’ll do their best to get you into a Tesla

Comparison sites

As much as it’s fairly obvious, I’d still recommend trying them, this was how I found LV’s great price, as their online site wasn’t showing prices at the time.

Compare the market

Use a cash back site

Lots of big name insurers also take part in affiliate schemes with cash back sites, both Direct Line and LV above provide money back on your premium via TopCashBack (over £30 back with LV!).

If you’ve not yet joined TopCashBack (quidco is another option) then consider joining via my link to get extra cash back on your first transaction – TopCashBack Signup