No spare wheel with your Tesla? No problem

As you’ll have no doubt noticed your Tesla doesn’t come with a spare wheel, not even one of the temporary ‘wally wheels’ as they are affectionately known.

Fear not, there are still options to get you home safely, even without a spare wheel for your Tesla.

Tyre inflators

There are a whole range of 12v tyre inflators available (12v socket is hidden away in the arm rest of your Model 3), I personally chose one that could also run on battery for ease of use. With a digital read out and way of setting the optimum pressure, my tyre pressure display has never been so well balanced out!

Some options;
Oasser Tyre Inflator (this is the one I have – battery as well as 12v car adaptor)
VonHaus tyre inflator (battery and car adaptor, very highly rated)
Ring Tyre inflator (12v only, but tonnes of 4* ratings and very cheap)
Tesla tyre repair kit (inflator and tyre repair) Replacement tyre sealant kit

Roadside temporary tyre repair

If your tyre won’t stay inflated long enough to get you home / to a tyre shop, there are some roadside repair kits.

Caution though, with the sound insulating foam in the Tesla specific tyres, there is a good chance that they won’t be salvageable after.

Some options;
Tesla tyre repair kit (inflator and tyre repair) Replacement tyre sealant kit
Tyre Slime (yes, really!)
Tyre Plug Kit
Tyre foam

Roadside recovery

It’s really worth noting here that it’s recommended to have roadside recovery in addition to Tesla Roadside (which seems to get overwhelmed, a lot).

I’ll create a new post soon when I’ve finished researching opinions on which are the best EV friendly recovery services.

More ‘must have’ Tesla accessories

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