Additional Type 2 cable for your Tesla

Depending on what Tesla have in stock, it seems that most of the new cars now come with a 4.5m type 2 Mennekes, this might be perfectly fine, but I found on more than one occasion I needed a longer cable to be able to reach a charger at work.

There are lots of options available in both length and also if the cable can accept 3 phase or not. The type 2 cables that come with your Tesla are 3 phase, enabling you to charge faster when you can connect to the 3 phase charger.

Buying an additional cable

For 3 phase, I’d recommend sticking with Mennekes and of all the places you might think to check, BP Chargemaster seem to have the fairest prices on these.

The 7.5m 3 phase Mennekes

The whole range of Mennekes cables from BP Chargemaster, including 1 phase.

Of course you don’t need a 3 phase cable, it just limits your charging speed if you are lucky enough to encounter a 3 phase charger.

Other options

10m Type 2
5m Type 2
5m coiled Type 2 (to take up less space in your boot)

Don’t forget to get your self a charging cable bag to save storing a dirty old cable in the frunk / boot!

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