Floor mats for your Tesla Model 3

Unless you have a Long Range or Performance Tesla Model 3, you won’t have had any floor mats come with the car.

Fortunately there are now options to get these for your car from third parties and direct from Tesla.

Standard car mats / floor mats for your Tesla Model 3

The mats that come with the premium interior package are regular carpeted mats, there are several options including Tesla OEM.

All weather mats (although they look like regular carpet ones)
FITTOP all weather mats (again of the carpet variety)
Car Mats 4 You (various options – these got lots of good reviews from people when the Model 3 was first available in the UK)
Tesla OEM car mats (the same as the ones supplied with the car – premium interior only)

Rubber all weather mats

Hopefully OEM options will become available soon for RHD, in the mean time there are other options:

BougeRV all weather mats
All weather guard mats (with the lips around the edges)
TapTes all weather mats

Worth saying that in a lot of the reviews of the rubber mats, they seem to arrive rolled up, so placing them out in the sun or putting something heavy on them to flatten them back out might be a sensible idea.

Boot / Trunk and Front / Frunk

Whatever you want to call them, you might want to get some mats in the front and back too. Visit: No Frunk mat, or need a boot liner