Charging your phone in your Model 3 / Y

The Model 3 doesn’t come with either wireless charging built in, or any of the suitable phone charging cable supplied. There are however several options.

Wireless charging

There are lots of options now, including buying a Tesla made one direct. They range in price from approximately £30 all the way up to £120.

The units all look very similar and replace the black rubber phone mat that is within the centre console. They simply use USB to power them, most (if not all) also come with a splitter to power both from one USB socket.

The biggest difference between the cheaper alternatives and the official Tesla unit is that the Tesla unit is curved at the top, to allow you to lift up the phone rest / charger without it catching on top of the lid that covers the area.

Fitting is very simple and this is how the TapTes unit looked in my car

TapTes Tesla Model 3 charger in place

Wired charging

Tesla sell iPhone and Android compatible cables directly from the UK store. These cables clip into place within the centre console, allowing a really sleek OEM look, the cables retail for £14.

Where to purchase

TapTes Tesla Model 3 wireless charger

Jeda Tesla Model 3 / Y charger

Amazon generic wireless charger

Tesla official wireless charger

Tesla phone charging cables (drop down to select which type of connection to use)