No frunk mat, or need a boot liner?

If you want to protect your frunk or boot (or trunk to continue with the American theme) there are both frunk and boot liner options for your Tesla Model 3 available. Sadly Tesla stopped giving away the frunk mats with the cars late 2019, but there are plenty of options out there.

Frunk mats / protectors

Rubber liners, these range from as little as £14 through to the official Tesla one at £63

Tesla OEM all weather frunk liner
Official Tesla all weather frunk liner

£14 rubber Model 3 frunk liner (well rated)
£39 Oderless, non crease scratch resistant Model 3 frunk liner (again, well rated)
£63 Official Tesla all weather frunk protector

If you want to get a carpeted mat (this is what they used to come with and what’s in mine) you can get the official Tesla carpet frunk mat for £32

Rear boot / trunk liners

If you want to protect your boot from getting marked, then a boot liner is a good idea to keep things fresh. Please note though, that these don’t seem to cater for the lift up storage compartment, so you’d need to lift up the boot liner in your Tesla Model 3 before accessing.

£72 LFOTPP all weather boot liner – well rated on Amazon
£110 Official Tesla all weather boot liner

Other recommended accessories

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