Model 3 Frunk / Froot hooks

Back when I collected my Model 3 Performance in August 2019, the car came with Frunk (or Froot, as we call it a boot rather than a trunk in the UK) hooks, perfect for hanging shopping or even take away bags on.

Sadly Tesla stopped including these with the car. The good news is, that they don’t cost very much to purchase (less than £1 each!).

Tesla have advised that these are likely to become an item purchasable on the online store, but for now you can email the parts department ( and ask for these item numbers:

ASY-M3-RBN FRUNK-RH (1116003-00-C)
ASY-M3-RBN FRUNK-LH (1116003-00-C)

You also have options to order versions from, Amazon, eBay (or print them yourself!) or order via Ali express.